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Corporate Philosophy

Soushin Shouji proudly contributes to the peace and independence of Japan and the security of the Japanese people. We also support our employees and their families as they pursue happiness.

Management by Mutual Trust

Since the company’s foundation in July 1972, Soushin Shouji has operated on the principle of mutual trust;

Mutual trust with our customers and our suppliers
Utilizing our deep understanding of our customer’s operational needs, we present their needs to suppliers worldwide. Soushin Shouji acts as a liaison office between our customers and our supplies to find or develop products that perfectly meet our customers’ needs. Our diligent efforts have gained us the trust of both our suppliers and customers over our decades of operation.

Mutual trust among our company employees
Since the founding of the company, Soushin Shouji has encourage our employees to support and mentor one another as a key management policy.

Company Profile

Company Name Soushin Shouji Co., Ltd
President and CEO Yuji Yamagishi
Established July 1972
Legal Capital 10,000,000 JPY
Employees 10
Location 1-18 Funamachi,
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Contact Details Tel: 81-3-5366-0231
Fax: 81-3-5366-0233
Email: postmaster@sooshin.co.jp
Primary Business
  • Consultative marketing to Japan Self-Defense Forces and other public  
    sector organizations.
  • Finding new products to meet JSDF’s and other customer’s needs.
  • Propose and supply various equipment to JSDF and other public sector organizations.


1972Soushin Shouji established. Began selling Hitachi desktop computers and printers. Started selling Baroness lawn mowers to JSDF.
1973Began selling multilayer shelves to JMSDF and JASDF warehouses to improve space utilization.
1975Started supplying ISM tractors to JASDF and portable gasoline fire pumps to JMSDF.
1976 Began selling Ingersoll Security padlocks to JSDF - 4000 units sold in the first year. Development of automated storage/retrieval system for jet fighter accessories and sale to JASDF.
1987Started selling various rescue products of ICI Ishii Sports and Lifesaving Systems.
1990Began to sell Zodiac rigid inflatable boats to JMSDF as a part of anti-terrorism activities.
2001 Started selling Zodiac inflatable boats (FC470) to air rescue team of JASDF.
2004 Began selling Darley portable fire pumps (P-100) to JMSDF.
2005 JMSDF began carrying Zodiac rigid inflatable boats on new destroyer.
2006Attended 2006 SOF Week and APBI Conference.
2008 Started selling Zodiac inflatable FC470 to JGSDF.
2012 Delivered Zodiac RHIB (ZH1100OB Mach II) to JMSDF
2013Received certificate of registration for ISO9001:2008
Certificate No. 09358
2015 Started selling Helicopter emergency escape training simulator, METS40 by Survival Systems Limited (SSL) to JGSDF
2017 Received certificate of registration for ISO9001:2015
Certificate No. 09358
2019 Mares regular service license acquisition
Carry out maintenance, periodic inspections, and overhauls of the regulator of the emergency escape breathing device in-house.
2020 Delivered ZODIAC MILPRO SRR-750 to the Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games for sailing competition rescue boats.
2021 Introduced "Convault type ground-mounted fuel tank (manufactured by CONVAULT JAPAN)" certified by US safety standard UL 2085 to the Ministry of Defense.
Delivery of various material handling equipment, bridge type, ceiling type, jib type, etc. of SANKI Co., Ltd., which will be one of the new pillars of Soshin Shouji.

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1-18 Funamachi,

1-18, Funamachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0006, Japan
Tel:+81-3-5366-0231 Fax:+81-3-5366-0233
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